pirobase CMS®

Version pirobase CMS® Suite published on June 10th, 2009.
The release notes file and the installation & update guide will be shipped in pdf format. To get information on all current changes and descriptions these links are available:
 Release Notes (German, PDF, ~ 258 KB) (English, PDF, ~ 268 KB)
Administration Guide (German, PDF, ~ 4,1 MB) - Hints for technical administrators
Installation Guide (German, PDF, ~ 1,4 MB) (English, PDF, ~ 1,4 MB) - Instructions for preparing & installing
Update Guide (German, PDF, ~ 0,3 MB) (English, PDF, ~ 0,3 MB) - Guidance for update
For more manuals see this page.
You can order the DVD in our online shop .


It is essential to read the release notes before starting the pirobase CMS® setup.
See the above mentioned most current document. It contains a list of 3rd party software products supported with this pirobase CMS® release. Additionally, disk space and tablespace requirements are listed.
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