Form editor (add-on)

With the new form add-on, the creation of forms is once again directly integrated into the editing process.

Supported fields

The following fields can be used:

  • Text (single line)
  • Text (multiline)
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes
  • Dropdown
  • File upload
  • Number field
  • Date field
  • Hidden field
  • Captcha

Preset data
A placeholder text or the content can be specified at input fields. Data of the current pirobase user can also be pre-selected. Values can be preselected at selection fields.

Correct entries
An info text can be entered at each field to support the user in the output.
Input errors are displayed at each field individually and have a meaningful error message.

Other content (headings, text, separators) can also be integrated into the form to support the input.

Editors can use input types to define what type of input is expected in a field. Corresponding validations or styling adjustments can be made for this purpose (customizing).

Forms can be edited in the preview with a click, just like other content.

Complete input fields

In addition, editors can allow the user to enter multiple values for a question. The minimum and maximum number of fields can be controlled by the editor.

Field groups

Fields can be grouped to indicate related information. Use references and copies to centrally define frequently used input fields.

Dependent input fields

Input fields can be assigned to the options of radio buttons and checkboxes, which are only available when the corresponding option is selected. This allows the input fields to be adapted to the user's input.


The contents of the form are sent by e-mail. In a template the e-mail sending can be configured (to, cc, bcc, from). Uploaded files are attached to the e-mail.

Behavior after sending

Input fields can be marked as user's email address. Users can receive copy of input as confirmation email (without files).
After submitting, users can be shown a message and/or a summary of the input. Alternatively, redirection to an internal page or an external URL is possible.

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