User Experience Survey

In order to improve the user experience of pirobase CMS, we need your help! As a user, you know best how you get on with pirobase CMS. That's why we have developed a scientific survey based on the UEQ framework in order to assess the user experience.

The survey consists only of multiple-choice questions and takes only 5 minutes. This is an important contribution to the further development of pirobase CMS.

Very important: There is no right or wrong, your personal assessment is important to us. The survey is therefore anonymous.

Start the survey under this link:

If you have any questions, please take a look at the FAQ below or use the contact options.

I would be happy if you share the survey with other users of pirobase CMS in your organization.

Thank you for your cooperation!


Can I participate if I rarely use pirobase CMS?

Yes, even then the results are valuable for us. We additionally query the usage and can thus distinguish the evaluation.

Who can I contact for suggestions/criticism/feedback?

Contact or use the contact form below

How will my data be used?

We only use the survey responses to evaluate the user experience. We do not collect personal data such as names or email addresses.

Your question was not answered?

Contact or use the contact form:


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