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This manual contains information on the initial installation and update of imperia as well as important instructions for operation and maintenance.

How to use the documentation#

Table of contents

  • The major table of contents with the main chapters can be found on the left side..
  • The small table of contents with the respective subchapters can be found on the right side..

A search in the documentation is possible via the Search field at the top right.

How do you proceed from here?#

If you are not yet familiar with imperia CMS, you might want to start with the operating concept for a first overview. Afterwards you may first install imperia CMS locally on your computer to try out the software.

If you are looking for step-by-step instructions on how to install imperia on a server for the first time, see initialize imperia with Docker, Installation: Ubuntu & Apache, and Installation: Ubuntu & Ngnix.

If you just want to do a simple version update, read imperia Update. To upgrade to a new major version, read Upgrade from i10 to i11, Upgrade from i9 to i11, or Upgrade from i8 to i11.