Edit existing elements


Call the URL of the pirobase editorial office. This is usually the domain, e.g. example.com followed by /pirobase.

Example: https://example.com/pirobase

Select page

Before selecting the page, make sure you are in the correct page tree (red) and have selected the correct language (green).

Navigate to the desired page in the page tree.

Click on the page.

Start editing the page

Click Edit in the toolbar.

The page now changes to the "In progress" state:

  • The page layout is displayed on the left.
  • The page is now locked for you and cannot be edited by anyone else.

If the Edit button is grayed out, this can have two causes:

  • The page is locked by another user. You can see this by the notice in the header. You can ask the specified user to unlock the page.
  • You do not have the necessary rights to edit the page. You can see this because the button is grayed out but the page is not locked.

Edit content

Click in the content areas of the elements you want to edit.

Make the desired changes.

Preview changes

Switch to the preview view.

Check your changes in the output here.

Complete editing

Click Publish and in the dialog that opens, click Run.

The page will be published immediately.

Click Discard if you want to undo your changes.

In this case, the page is reset to the state of the last publication.

Click Save if you want to save your changes in between.

The page will remain locked to you until you choose to discard or publish the changes.

It is possible that the page is subject to an editorial approval process and can only be published at the end of this process.

If necessary, select the next step of the acceptance process and then click Run.

The page is now forwarded within the acceptance process.

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