Patch release 10.0.1

The latest patch is pirobase CMS 10.0.3 (published on January 13th, 2020).

pirobase CMS 10.0.1 was released on February 14th, 2018.

The CMS-Suite comprises the following main modules:
- CMS 10.0.1
- Documentation

Release Notes

Please follow the release notes for each update and new installation, which also contain version-specific notes. The install documentation for the respective add-ons also contain important information.

User manuals

Manuals and documentations for editors can be found in the docu center.

Technical documentations

Roles and permissions

The release can be obtained digitally as a download or as a DVD via

Important: It is essential to read the release notes before starting the pirobase setup. See the above mentioned most current document. It contains a list of 3rd party software products supported with this pirobase release. Additionally, disk space and tablespace requirements are listed.

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