Page templates: Create recurring content more easily

When creating recurring content, existing content is often copied, which can lead to errors. With the new page templates, we provide a new feature that can avoid these errors. When regularly creating pages of the same page type that are similar in structure, it is worth creating a page template for them. Page templates are particularly suitable for news articles, blog posts or product descriptions that should have a uniform appearance. Job advertisements or project descriptions can also be reproduced in the same way using page templates.

Editors can create new page templates for them (just like normal pages). When creating a new page, editors can then additionally select from the page templates.

Drafts view

Here you will find the area for all page templates under its own subtree.

Page templates in the Drafts view
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Create page template

A page template is created using the Create subpage option in the action bar of the page tree or via the start page of the page template area. The page template can be designed as desired with suitable templates and content elements and provided with content. It is then finalized and is thus available when a page is created.

Use of a page template

When creating a new page, not only empty templates without content are offered, but also the created page templates. When you click on the page template, the contents and properties of the page template are applied to the new page.

Creating a page with a page template
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Internal description of a page template

In the internal description of a page template, editorial information about pages and page templates is given as a language-dependent page property. The internal description is displayed on page templates when a new page is created.

Set internal description
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Visibility of page templates and required permissions

Page templates are displayed only when you create a page and in the Page Tem plates section of the Drafts view. They cannot be found in the overview, in the extended page tree or in the search.
To view the page templates in the drafts area, the functional right see_page_templates is required. To create and delete page templates you need the rights add_page_templates and delete_page_templates.
In order to be offered a page template when creating a page, the read permission on the page template must be given in addition to the functional right use_page_templates.

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