Translate: Improvements

Automatically create comments for references during translations

If the original page to be translated contains references, these are not translated. Comments are now automatically generated at direct references during translation, indicating that it must be clarified whether the reference should be translated.

Change the link of a reference to another language

When translating, the target of the reference initially remains in its original language. In order to nevertheless ensure linguistically consistent content, references can be searched for in another language and the reference can be changed to the target content in the appropriate language.

In the toolbar of the reference, the option More options/Search existing translation is offered for this purpose.

If the target of the reference has a different language than the page containing the reference, the system searches for content in the language of the current page.

If a suitable content exists, the reference can be adapted. The reference then points to the new content in the desired language. In the current page, the referenced content is replaced accordingly.

configure "Blacklist" for fixed terms

Often, certain terms such as product names or trademarks should not be translated because their recognition value or their meaning as fixed terms would be distorted by a translation. Which terms are included can be determined with the help of a so-called blacklist. Terms from this list are not translated, but are rendered in their original spelling, taking into account upper and lower case.

The "blacklist" can be configured on a client-specific basis and is maintained in pirobase CMS in the system setting cms-global-configuration.translation.blacklist.

Configure fixed translations as term pairs

It also happens that certain terms should always be translated in the same way. The system setting cms-global-configuration.translation.fixedTranslations can be used to store term pairs in the XML format that are used for a translation. The terms will be translated as defined in the list and not via DeepL translation.

Automatically adjust link target for anchor link when translating

If a page is translated that contains anchor links in a text element, i.e. links to other elements in the same page, these point atomatically to the translated elements after the page has been translated. Therefore, anchor links do not need to be adjusted after translation.

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