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About this documentation

This documentation is created for imperia 11. If you use an older version, you might notice differences on some features.

Recent Changes#

Date Description
01.12.20 Updated screens and descriptions due to general GUI refactoring
03.09.18 Created new content structure
19.12.17 Created Firefox OCE for Android-Tablets
10.12.17 Updated Doc.browser/Column "Publish"
04.12.17 Updated Chrome OCE
09.11.17 Updated Chrome OCE
07.11.17 Updated MAM/Focus point
02.11.17 Updated OCE
24.10.17 Created Inserting image gallery
16.10.17 Created Add-ons
16.10.17 Updated Preview Documents
16.10.17 Updated Dashboard/Widgets
06.10.17 Updated Publish Documents
18.09.17 Updated Glossary
18.09.17 Updated Form Generator
18.09.17 Updated Mailing
18.09.17 Updating Desktop completed
15.09.17 Updating Desktop
13.09.17 Updating Desktop
13.09.17 Updating MAM completed
08.09.17 Updating MAM
08.09.17 Updating Documents completed
04.09.17 Updating Documents
01.09.17 Updated Dashboard
28.08.17 Updated Introduction
23.06.17 New chapter Mailing created
23.06.17 New chapter Document Browser created