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Using the Linktool, you can link to existing documents or to MAM and insert contents of certain meta variables on defined target positions in the current document.
Those target positions have to be defined in the template.

Please consider: If the contents of the linked document changes at a later stage, the current one will not be updated automatically.

Functionally, the linktool is based on its predecessor, the metatool (2), but its dialog is similar to that of the MAM:

The linktool's interface is designed using various parameters. The operation and construction of the link tools is described in Linktool in the user manual.

Since the linktool is technically based on the same principles as the MAM, its use is similar. A link from the MAM can be implemented as follows:

<a href="IMPERIA:MAM:ref_mam_url" >
 <?imperia mam copy
 ?>» Select Asset</a>

  <input name="IMPERIA:ref_mam_url" type="text" size="20" readonly="readonly" />

  <input name="IMPERIA:ref_mam_text" type="text" size="20" />

Customize layout#

In this section, you can read how to adapt the layout of the linktool call and the display within the pop up windwow (linktool itself).

Linktool call (button)#

The corresponding call for linking a document is:

<a class="editHref" href="IMPERIA:DOC:ref_doc_url">
 <?imperia mam copy title:ref_doc_text ?>

 » Open linktool</a>

  <input name="IMPERIA:ref_doc_url" type="text" size="20" readonly="readonly" />

<div >Linktext</div>
  <input name="IMPERIA:ref_doc_text" type="text" size="20" />
  • Similar to inserting assets via the MAM, this call is also displayed as a button which opens an additional column "Insert" in the Linktool öffnet.
    Please refere to the user documentation for a detailed description for using the Linktool.
  • By clicking "Insert", the URI of the document will be saved in the indicated variable; in the example ref_doc_url. Additionaly, by the command <?imperia mam copy title:ref_doc_text ?> also a title wil be saved in the variable ref_doc_text.
  • Then, you can use both variables to create a link in imperia as usual. You are also able to change the link text in EDITMODE.

If you wish to hide the MAM/Document browser call button, use the following instruction:

<?imperia mam href_hide_icon 1 ?>


This processing instruction works only with anchors (IDs).

Size of the linktool window (pop-up)#

The parameters that can be controlled are the width and height of the pop up window. Use the following instructions:

<?imperia mam window_width Number?>
<?imperia mam window_height Number?>

Replace “Number” with the desired width and height.

Display within the linktool window#

The sorting is done by the statement “sortby” followed by one of the columns used in the linktool. Example:

<?imperia mam sortby filesize?>

The columns that can be used to sort documents are:

  • title

  • filesize

  • createdby

  • editedby

  • created_date

  • published_at

  • publish_date

To define whether the sorting is ascending or descending use plus (ascending) or minus (descending) sign in front of the column. Example:

<?imperia mam sortby -title?>


There is no possibility to define more than one colum when sorting.


Prefilter instructions are used to define which areas are available to an editor, when selecting a document or an asset to insert. These settings cannot be bypassed by the editor.


Prefilter Example

In this example, a prefilter was set to the category <?imperia mam prefilter category /10/19 ?>, i.e. when selecting the parent category, only the cargory /10/19 is shown.

  • When a prefilter is used, it is displayed in the right corner of the header of the MAM or the document browser.

  • The prefilter currently affects only the list view on the right side.
    That means, content that doesn't correspond with the prefilter won't be shown.

  • The tree on the left is not adjusted. Here, all categories are displayed but on the right side only the referring content is shown.


  • If the linktool is used within a Flex module, the processing instructions have to include a FlexINDEX and a FlexID:

    <?imperia mam copy title:ref_doc_text_<!--FLEX_INDEX-->_<!--FLEX_ID--> ?>
  • Comments are not allowed in the processing instructions.

Categories and Directories#

You can filter by categories or directories:

  • category


    To define the category, use its NodeID.

  • category_recursive: finds all documents that are contained in a specified section or its subsections.

  • directory


<?imperia mam prefilter category = /1/8?>
<?imperia mam prefilter category_recursive = /1/8 ?>
<?imperia mam prefilter directory=/docs/xy ?>

Meta Field#

Filtering by means of a prefilter can be done with all meta fields that are stored in the global metainfo object.

An example with a prefilter on the “title” meta field:

<?imperia mam prefilter title=~New?>


Filter instructions are used to define which areas are available to an editor, when selecting a document or an asset to insert. These settings can be changed by the editor.

Image Filter#

This filter is used to filter images. Example:

<?imperia mam filter jpeg?>

Directory Filter#

Filter by directory. Example:

<?imperia mam directory /news?>