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imperia provides a quick and easy way to generate and maintain QR codes. There are two basic ways to create QR codes – as assets in the MAM (see Generating and Storing QR Codes in MAM in the user manual) and via template instructions (see QR Codes in the programmers' manual).

This chapter shows you which prerequisites must be fulfilled in order to enable the QR generation.


Please note that the QR code generator is a separate feature that should be purchased additionally. Contact your imperia sales person for further information.


Before using QR codes on your imperia, there are several things you have to implement:

  • The QR code functionality has one external dependency - the command-line tool provided by the “libqrencode”.
    To download the tool go to libqrencode project. The needed version is 3.3.0 for ASCII support or at least a recent version with PNG support. The second option is slower.
    Please note: For Windows®, download qrencode-win32.

  • Set the system configuration variable QRCODE_BINARY. See QR Code Group in this manual.

  • In the MAM, create an asset-enabled category with a specific workflow that includes the QR Code plug-in. See instructions below.

Create workflow and MAM category#

1. Create Workflow

In order to generate QR codes in the MAM, you need a specific workflow that includes the QR Code- as well as the Upload Asset-plug-in.


QR Code workflow:

QR code workflow

QR Code workflow including Meta-Setter:

QR code workflow with Meta-Setter

2. Create QR code category in MAM

Such category is needed if you wish to generate QR codes in the MAM. Proceed as follows:

  1. To create a new category in the MAM, go to MAM->File->Create category:
    Create category
    The page CATEGORY opens.
  2. In the page CATEGORY fill out the necessary fields: Enter category information
    • Category Name: Enter a name.
    • Enable assets: The check box is activated by default.
    • Workflow entry point: Choose the created workflow (see above).

You have created a QR codes category, i.e. an asset enabled category with a specific workflow. Now, you can generate QR codes and upload them to the MAM, see the user's manual.