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imperia offers two options for sending emails:

  1. only internally, to other imperia users or
  2. to external adresses.

For a detailed description of the usage, read the chapter Mailing in the user manual.

The Internal Mail System#

The internal mail system of imperia can be accessed through the envelope icon in the header. It requires no administration. However, it can be disabled through the /system/mailer controller.

Please note

For users with superuser privileges, this setting has no effect, because the superuser always has all permissions.

External Mails#

You are able to send mails from the workflow, to both internal or external recipients. Therefore, the interactive plugin Mail is needed.

Forward to external email#

If the plugin Mail is installed, imperia users then have the possibility to forward internal imerpia messages to their (external) email addresses.
This is enabled via the checkbox in Look and Feel:
As soon the user enables this checkbox, all internal mesages are automatically forwarded to the external email address.
By that, those imperia messges get a prefix, e.g. [imperia].

Therefore, set following system.conf variables: